New Delhi: India’s affected Covid patients tally surpasses 3 lakh, with Maharashtra being the first state to report more than 1 Lakh cases and 3,493 patients were reported today. Delhi crosses 36k with a single day spike of 2,137 while Tamil Nadu stands at 40k affected cases. The Ministry of Home Affairs clarified that while the movement of people would remain prohibited across the country from 9 pm to 5 am during the ongoing ‘Unlock 1’, there will be no restrictions on plying of buses with passengers and goods trucks on highways, which may be somewhere adding onto the pile. The Southeast districts are mostly affected in Delhi where CM decided to badge the district borders.

Today Supreme Court slams West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu government. The SC termed the situation of coronavirus as “horrendous” when a patient’s body was found in the garbage, unattended. Families weren’t informed to do the last rituals while the bodies were stacked down like a pack of garbage, thrown without a proper burial and lack of beds was also seen.

The situation is going worst amid ‘Unlock’. It took only 4 days to increase the no. of affected patients to 1lakh and be the 4th worst affected country in the whole world. There are several questions arising like does Unlock will really help us to curb down the affected figure? Is our government learning from other’s mistake and implementing here? The most doubtable question is will the government do free testing, like Switzerland, to every citizen of its own country and what affordable measures will they provide them especially to the lower middle classes or the migrants those whose lives are at stake now.


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