Covid-19: Country Witnesses Surge In Online Crime, Amid The Crisis Hour


New Delhi: Novel coronavirus has taken a toll on the Indian population as the virus continues to lose its control by the passing days. On a slightly different ground, new people have taken to the internet to create and circulate false information related to the pandemic. 

Some recent cybercrime which came forward upon checking are: 

  1. Online Fraud: where few people are creating fake websites promising to deliver essential commodities to one’s doorstep in this crisis hour 
  2. Telephone Fraud: where one gets a phone call claiming to be the relative of the person being treated for Covid-19, asking for money. 
  3. Phishing: when emails and links are forwarded to people claiming to be official health authorities to steal sensitive details of the receiver.

Some essential precautions which can be taken in this crucial hour are as follows:

  1. Completely avoid opening links and emails from unverified accounts.
  2. Use strong and unusual passwords for social media and banking activities
  3. Always keep the antivirus software updates
  4. Update people constantly about cyber safety.
  5. Always check credentials before donating for any charity
  6. In case of any fraud, inform your nearest police station as soon as possible.


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