India has entered into the second wave of the pandemic with a ferocious speed of infection that is spreading faster than fire, raising the fatality rate, along with reducing the mortality and recovery rates.

The number of daily cases has been observed to cross 1.50 lakhs mark with nearly thousand deaths, which is propelling an alarming situation for the nation. At the same hour, India is having its Assembly Elections in four states and one union territory in which the political parties ramped-up their election campaigns extremely. Among five regions, only West Bengal is left with the other four phases of elections.

Despite the wild turn of the pandemic, the Election of 2021 is showing a different image and ignorant attitude of the leaders that is quite odd in line with the protocols of Covid outbreak.

According to the reports, corona cases are doubled in the polling states. West Bengal experienced about 378% change in Covid cases in 14 days whereas Assam reports 331% rise. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry register 173%, 84% and 175% increase in fresh cases respectively.

Talking about political battle, this year’s Vidhan Sabha polls have been critical for PM Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, which is hoping for a stronger foothold in the northeast, south and eastern parts.

Among these, West Bengal is the most populous state of India that BJP has never ruled, thus, giving a strong fight to the present TMC govt that has been enjoying a deep rooted power for the last 10 years.

To win the battle of Bengal, both BJP and TMC have engaged in flagging of their principles to the people and thus, campaigning vigorously. Meanwhile, huge gatherings are continuously being witnessed in these rallies with absolute zero social distancing, and violating of all the COVID-19 protocols.

After comparing the recent Covid-19 data from that of last year’s, it is said that the present surge in Covid infection is worse than the previous year’s.

According to the experts, the rising in cases are ‘worrisome’ which is due to the ignorance of people for social distancing, hand wash and mask-wearing. And, these protocols are seen to be completely smashed in the political rallies. The mammoth of crowd is seen to attend their favourite leaders’ rally with tens of thousands of people without masks.

According to the health experts, it is a matter of grave concern for the poll-oriented states and the whole country as the rate of increasing the spread of the virus counts to four-mes that expresses a tell-tale sign.

Everyday there is a clear indication of blatantly flouting the Election Commission-made Covid-19 protocols in the campaigning but surprisingly, there is no much howling over it anywhere.

Not a single party or its leaders is seen to promulgate the danger of the outbreak as they are highly busy inpropagang the clause of their party manifestoes and pointing to the mistakes of their opponents, neglecting the safety of people. Not a single leader is seen or heard to appeal for social distancing in the rallies where there is not even half an inch of gap among them.

Apparently, every political party is talking about “Development”, which is left with no value if the voters or common people suffer from such a precarious disease. A famous phrase says that ‘Health is Wealth’ but in the recent political ruckus, the phrase seems to be fading as there is the least value to the health, which has obviously been not linked with the wealth by our so-called political parties.

Temples, restaurants, bars, etc are again being proposed to be closed as Covid-19 is surging high but when it comes to political battles, even mass gatherings in rallies with no Covid-19 protocol put hardly any impact on the pandemic situation.

So, such visuals often ping a question in several minds that are we really heading towards #DevelopmentOfIndia with such leaderships? The reply of it lies in the darkness of fear and apprehension, which will remain unanswered in the wake of the so-called ‘Development’ of 21st century that mostly restricts us from openly putting the right/wrong perceptions.