Dr. Anoop Gupta had said that the number of Covid patients in India is small but warned us to be cautious on DD News regarding the continuation of his efforts to publicly help various urological diseases in the epidemic. He said that that 42 to 50% of the symptoms are being seen due to fever, lack of smell, loss of taste, etc, and suggests that if any person comes in contact with positive patients, then special treatment should be done.

“Covid-19 is also curing the epidemic, its symptoms can be verified by your condition as well as Arogya Setu App by determining whether you live in the Red Zone area and suggests how to protect yourself”, he added.

He added that there is no provision of emergency approval of vaccines and any kind of medicines in India. Various applications are processing to strictly analyze the phase 3 data in India with all these three vaccines until 100% is ensured that the patient is not at risk and they are without any specialization. He further added that once the vaccine arrives, these vaccines in India will be 100% ensured and also approved.

Gupta said that we are seeing many patients with chronic disease and these patients are at a high risk of over-infection. ‘Covid pandemic has increased levels of kidney patients’, he said while advising all of them to follow regular transfusions so that we can have circulatory infections, urine transfusions and have low levels of immunity. The Interventional Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist said that during the pandemic they had paid special attention to the telephone personally by using tele-consultancy and are trying to contact them to provide with special attention.

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