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The graph is showing a continuous rise in the rate of the covid infections as yet again Maharashtra and Delhi record the highest-ever single-day spike in coronavirus cases.

Maharashtra and Delhi reported 63,729 and 19,486 infections respectively on Friday 16, Madhya Pradesh reports 11,045 new cases, with the tally reaching up 3,84,563, in which 3,20,955 people recovered and 59,183 succumbed to the disease.

In a record day surge, Delhi reported over 19,000 new covid cases, taking the total tally to 8,03,623, from which 7,30,825 recovered and 11,793 succumbed to death. Maharashtra reports 63,729 new covid cases with 398 fatalities. Maharashtra’s cases tally reached 3,703,208, with a death toll of 59,551.

India witnessed a major fallout on Thursday when the daily highest spike rose to 200,000 fresh cases mark. The country’s caseload has now reached 4,291,917 with fatalities of 174,308 lives.


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