At the Georgia campaign rally, Republican Senator, David Perdue kept on mispronouncing Senator Kamala Harris’ name in his speech. He on Friday while giving his remarks about Kamala Harris started calling her ‘Kah-mah-mah’, ‘Kamala-mala-mala’, saying, “I don’t know.Whatever”, that he uttered in the Macon rally.

Mr. Perdue mocked very badly on her name on which the audience at the event laughed. This trend has been observed in the Trump camp now where everyone pronounces Harris’ name in a mocking tone, explaining it as ‘pronunciation mistake’ afterward.

Both Perdue and Harris worked together in the Senate from 2017. Harris is the first Black woman who received the ticket of a major party, which may have become the reason for smacking the tinge of racism.

After this, Mr. Perdue is being badly criticized by all his opponents and Georgia’s Democratic Party also demanded Perdue’s apology for this offensive display, taking mispronunciation a turn towards ‘racism’.  


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