Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has slammed the Modi government over the death of farmers while protesting against three new agricultural laws passed by the central government.

Today, Gandhi tweeted in Hindi, “The Modi government was not embarrassed by the martyrdom of more than 60 Annadata but the tractor rally caused them embarrassment!”

The agitation of the farmers continues on the 49th day on Wednesday demanding the withdrawal of the three agricultural laws implemented by the Centre last year.

Today, the agitating farmers will show their protest by burning copies of new laws on Lohri festival. Leaders of farmer unions have decided to continue all the previously announced programs to intensify the movement.

Till now, more than 60 farmers have given their lives during the protest that has been going on for the past one and a half months. Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and some other parts of the country have been demonstrating at various borders of the national capital despite the bitter cold. They demand repulsion of three agricultural laws and a legal guarantee of the minimum support price (MSP).

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (January 12) has banned the implementation of the three new agricultural laws along with this, it has also formed a committee to find a solution to the peasant movement. There are a total of four people in this committee.

The committee formed by the Supreme Court included Bhupinder Singh Mann of the Indian Farmers Union, farmer leader of the Shetkari organization Anil Ghanwant, agricultural economist Ashok Gulati and Pramod K. Joshi of the International Food Policy Research Institute.

All the four members of the committee are considered to be staunch supporters of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that is why the farmer unions claimed that going after the proposed committee would not make any sense.


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