• The information was provided by reports which appeared on Wednesday
  • Press reports have claimed the debt scenario of the country to decline under the present PM of the country
  • In light of the massive debt lag of the country, its urge to borrow more money was rejected by the International Monetary Fund

On Wednesday, official reports claimed the debt liability of Pakistan to exceed an amount of 50.5 trillion rupees. The current government under the leadership of Imran Khan holds the responsibility of 20.7 trillion Pakistani Rupees among the total figure. Press reports have stated Pakistani debt liabilities to be maintaining an adverse situation under the leadership of Imran.

Earlier, the Pakistan PM has considered the debt scenario of the country to be a “national security issue”. It was after this that the State Bank of Pakistan unveiled the official debt figures till September 2021. With an addition of the debt figure of PKR 20.7 trillion under the present government, the debt liability of Pakistan went as high as PKR 50.5 trillion within 39 months.

On Friday, the Ministry for Finance and Revenue informed the Pakistan national Assembly that there was a hike of PKR 14.9 trillion in the debt of Pakistan. Pakistan’s appeal to borrow greater amounts of money has been rejected by the International Monetary Fund. The State Bank was also denied any kind of relevant accountability. Reports have claimed that the federal government would not receive the 100 percent profits of the central bank unless the monetary issues of the State bank of Pakistan are resolved.


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