• · The claims were made by the Defence Minister when he was addressing the annual meeting of Indian Defence Manufacturers
  • · According to Mr Singh, a private and public partnership would lead to the possibility of a “Defence Production Revolution”, and the achievement of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • · Mr DM has maintained that various schemes have been undertaken by the government in order to bring the private sectors under the scheme of self-reliant India

On Tuesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh claimed that an atmosphere of partnership to confirm the modernization of the armed forces has been undertaken by the government, keeping in mind the scenario of global security. As the DM addressed the annual meeting of the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM), he claimed that a “Defence Production Revolution” is only possible through public and private partnership, and it will also help to reach the mark of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

According to Mr Singh, “through strategic partnership model that will help our private companies become global giants in the years to come. The recent contract of 56 transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force is one such example.” The Defence Minister has also highlighted that these steps have led to the defence system crossing the 38,000 crore boundary in the last seven years. He has also maintained that approximately 10,000 Medium and Small Enterprises have started working in the defence sector which has given rise to start-ups, employment and innovation.

DM Singh believes, “countries around the world are now focussing on the modernization of their militaries and the demand for military equipment is rapidly increasing due to emerging security concerns, border disputes and maritime dominance.” Singh has further maintained, “India is capable of meeting these needs through a cost-effective and quality approach. By India, we mean public sector, private sector, academia, research and development. We believe in taking them all on board together.”

The Defence Minister has also stressed the fact that various reforms have been undertaken by the government, in order to add the private sectors to the scheme of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The reforms include 64.09% Capital Acquisition Budget for 2021-22, for the procurement of domestic capital, and adding up to this, 15% of capital procurement budget in order to procure directly from the private industries. Building up Defence Industrial Corridors in UP and Tamil Nadu.

Introduction of the Innovation for Defence Excellence; unconfined movement of technology through the Defence Research and Development Organisation and an increase in defence FDI up to 74% through the automated route and 100% through the government route.

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