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  • Delhi has 17, 386 cases with 398 deaths.
  • An app will be launched where data about the availability of beds and other aspects will be seen.
  • Only 2100 cases are admitted in hospitals and rest are at home.
  • Now, Delhi has 6,800 beds and 9,500 beds will be added by 5th June

New Delhi: Today, Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal in the press briefing told that the national capital has registered 17, 386 cases till now where 7,886 are cures and 9,142 people are yet infected and 398 died. The cases are increasing rapidly which is a stressful situation but don’t panic. Delhi Govt will launch an application on Monday that will give complete information about the availability of beds and other medical supplies in all the hospitals of Delhi. This will help the people to get hospital-related information thus avoiding harassments during the corona crisis.

The Delhi govt is four-step ahead of the pandemic and assured people to trust the govt. The CM has emphasized two factors on which the state will have to be concerned in case the number of fatalities increases and if the number of beds is lesser than the number of patients.

Mr. Kejriwal has informed that out of 17,386 cases only 2100 patients are in hospitals and rest are being treated in their homes. Today, Delhi has arranged 2100 more beds in just one week, totaling to 6,800 beds. Meanwhile, Delhi govt has already ordered for more 9,500 beds which will be accommodated by 5th June, taking over hotels for keeping the beds. In private hospitals, more than 2,500 beds are stationed which will increase further. 


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