• Delhi High Court orders the Centre to divert unutilized oxygen cylinders from Maharashtra.
  • The bench suggested involving experts from IITs and IIMs to assist the Centre to overcome the ongoing crisis.
  • During the hearing, the ASG has mentioned that the Centre is trying its best to divert oxygen cylinders from other states to Delhi.

Today, the Delhi High Court has suggested the Centre use and transport the unutilized tankers of oxygen to Delhi from states like Maharashtra where the COVID-19 situation is improving. “If the oxygen demand has reduced in Maharashtra, then these tankers can be diverted to Delhi,” it added.

However, it has been reiterated that this is not the ‘permanent arrangement’. “Whenever the need arises again, you can send them back,” it said. The bench comprising Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli criticized the government over its mismanagement regarding the oxygen supply in the state.

Adding to this, the HC has also suggested that the government should involve experts from IITs and IIMs to overcome the crisis. “The experts of the IITs and IIMs can assist the Central Government to ensure a proper management of oxygen supply,” he added.

The bench has further outlined that the Centre must ensure that sufficient oxygen reaches Delhi as per the instructions issued by the SC. The Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Chetan Sharma has informed that the Centre is trying every possibility to divert the oxygen cylinders to Delhi from other states.


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