• Sale, storage of poultry and processed chicken banned by NDMC on Wednesday.
  • The sale of chicken and egg oriented dishes in restaurants have also been banned. 
  • The order has been taken following the suggestion of veterinary services.
  • Further, stringent order has been announced which stated actions to be taken against restaurant if they serve dishes with egg or meat.

After North Delhi Municipal Corporation, East and South corporation has also banned the processing, storage, and sale of chicken or poultry. Following the suggestion of the veterinary department, the restaurants have been asked to stop serving chicken and egg-based dishes, and if they are found doing so, the government has announced stringent actions to be taken against them.

On Monday, the National Capital confirmed cases of bird flu after testing samples of duck and crows. The state government imposed a ban immediately on the sale of processed or packaged meat brought from outside. The orders have been issued keeping in mind the notion of public interest. State authorities have close all the poultry markets in Ghaziabad. The North Corporation order stated the ban of all poultry shops and meat processing units, the sale, store, and processing of poultry under Northern Corporation also faced a ban until further notice.

In the last week, several crows were found dead in various parts of the city, and ducks were found dead at Sanjay Lake. Officials have also reported, on Tuesday Animal Husbandry helpline received reports of 50 birds dead and 18 samples were collected further from different parts of the city.


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