• Journalist Rajeev Sharma and the Chinese and Nepalese nationals are arrested in OSA Act.
  • A large number of mobile phones, laptops, and sensitive material has been recovered from Rajeev Sharma

On Saturday, Delhi Police arrested a Chinese woman and a Nepalese man for involvement in the spying case with the journalist Rajeev Sharma. Rajeev Sharma is a journalist who has been arrested for passing confidential information to China.

It is reported that Delhi police have registered a case under the Officials Secrets Act (OSA) against Rajeev Sharma and the Chinese and Nepalese nationals. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjeev Kumar Yadav said that “Special cell has arrested the freelancer journalist Rajeev Sharma who is passing sensitive information to Chinese intelligence. They also arrested one Chinese lady and her Nepalese associate for paying Rajeev large amounts of money through the companies.”

Yadav also shares that, “Chinese intelligence hire the journalist for passing any sensitive information of India. A large number of mobile phones, laptops, and other incriminating or sensitive materials have been recovered”. Delhi police said that Sharma was arrested on 14 September and he was found in possession of confidential defense documents.

According to sources, Sharma was sent to police custody for 6 days and the Chinese lady and the Nepalese associate are also in jail. Sharma has also filed a bail application which will be heard on 22 September. 

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