In a backdrop of the protest by the fans and followers of Rajinikanth, in Valluvar Kottam of Chennai, demanded him to enter politics, the South Indian superstar has requested his protesting fans to not organize such a protest and said, “Don’t cause me pain.”

On Monday, in an issued statement while expressing his appreciation to his fans for conducting the protest in a peaceful manner, Rajinikanth said in Tamil, “My heartfelt thanks to those who did not participate in the protest, in line with the leadership request. I have already elaborated on the reasons as to why I am not entering politics now. I have announced my decision. I humbly request you all to not conduct such events and force me to enter politics and cause me pain.”

As several followers had participated in the protest against the order of the leadership, the fact had pained him. Just the day before Rajnikanth’s statement came, thousands of fans gathered outside Valluvar Kottam, and urging him to declare his political entry they were chanting ‘va Thalaiva va’.

At 7 am, the fans gathered at the spot, despite the prohibition of the Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM). In fact, at the venue, several RMM office bearers were present from across the state.

On 29th December, Rajinikanth had announced that he will not join politics, although, three years ago he himself had announced that he will make his political entry. The star was to announce the date of the launch of his official party officially on 31st December 2020 and in 2021 January he was to announce the name of his political party, months ahead of Tamil Nadu’s Assembly Elections.

Even, in early December, as the would-be supervisors of his to-be-launched political party, he announced names of Tamilaruvi Manian and Ra Arjunamurthy. He had also issued a clarion called ‘change everything’.

However, on 29th December, Rajinikanth announced that he will continue to serve people from the sidelines and will not start a political party. As a reason, he stated that for the election campaign, he is not fit enough to ensure a victory in the assembly polls.


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