Today, the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) announced that it has successfully conducted trials of Tejas. It is India’s indigenous Light Combat Aircraft, added to the 5th generation Python-5 Air to Air Missile (AAM). The trial took place in Goa.

The officials mentioned that the trial also aimed to improve the capability of the already integrated Derby Beyond Visual Range (BVR) AAM on Tejas. Commenting on the trials, the aircraft had to face multiple difficult scenarios in order to pass the trials. However, at last, they all achieved the planned objectives.

Talking about it in detail, the officials cited that the Derby missile achieved a direct hit on a high-speed maneuvering aerial target. On the other hand, the Python missiles also achieved all the goals.

Previously in Bengaluru, multiple extensive missile carriage flight tests were conducted to assess the integration of the missile with aircraft systems onboard the Tejas, like Avionics, Fire-control radar, Missile Weapon Delivery System, and the Flight Control System. After successful separation trials, in Goa, a live launch of the missile on a Banshee target was carried out.

In the live firings, the missile has hit the serial target. The missiles were fired from Tejas aircraft of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) flown by Indian Air Force (IAF) Test pilots belonging to the National Flight Test Centre (NFTC).

After achieving the successful results of the trials, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the teams of DRDO, ADA, Indian Air Force, HAL, and all involved in the trial.


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