Kala- Azar, one of the most neglected tropical diseases in India and many other countries like Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Nepal, and Somalia. A scientist from the Institute of Nano Science & Technology (INST), Mohali is an autonomous institute of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Gov. of India has developed an oral Nanomedicine with the help of surface-modified solid lipid nanoparticles based combinational cargo system for combating visceral leishmaniasis.

According to the INST team, till-date there is no study reported where a combination of two anti-leishmanial drugs has been delivered through Nano modification as a potential therapeutic strategy against visceral leishmaniasis. This work suggests the superiority of as-prepared modified with HPCD as a promising approach towards the oral delivery of the anti-leishmanial drug.

In this study by the INST team led by Dr. Shyam Lal M anti-leishmanial drugs, Amphotericin B & Pramomycin were encapsulated in solid lipid nanoparticles and further modified with 2 HPCD. The scientists explored the oral therapeutic potential of the formulization in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis.

This study by the INST team may lead to product and process patent enchasing the role of our country for developing innovative therapy against neglected diseases. The usage of lower therapeutic neglected diseases and the usage of the lower therapists of the purified drugs through Nano modifications will be a boon in reducing toxicity, which has been a major hindrance in the existing conventional treatment when administered orally.

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