In the case of corruption, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was found guilty by a Paris court. The court said that he was found guilty after he offered to pull strings to help a magistrate land a prestigious job in return for a favor.

The court sentenced him to a one-year term in prison and a two-year suspended sentence though under the French system he’s unlikely to serve it, even if he fails to overturn the verdict on appeal. Presiding Judge Christine Mée said that Sarkozy used his status as former French president and added that the wrongdoing he committed was “particularly serious.”

The former president is put on the back-foot weeks ahead of his due back in court on separate charges where he was alleged that he illegally exceeded campaign-spending limits ahead of his electoral defeat. Even the judgment included Sarkozy’s lawyer and the former magistrate who have received the same sentence as the former President. Though on the other hand, the President had dissolved the conversations at “chatter” that was misinterpreted by prosecutors. 


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