In an exclusive conversation with Global Tribune, Actor, entertainer, model, singer, and social media influencer Anveshi Jain revealed how she has been able to live up to her dreams through continuous efforts and paving the way for the next big thing. The actress-singer believes that to achieve dreams, one must believe in them.

It takes courage and a lot of perseverance to follow one’s dreams and achieve them. The budding artist is one of the living proofs of that statement, who has come a long way since her beginning days in the industry. Today, she is pursuing a multifaceted career, acting in multiple projects and singing in the recently release original number “Jugnu” and a cover song, “Raataan Lambiyan”.

With two song videos released back to back, it is established that you are looking forward to your passion for singing. So are you a trained singer, or is it a newfound hobby during the pandemic?

No, no. I have been training in Indian classical music for four years, and recently, I am also taking classes in western vocals. I believe, for authentically following your passion, you need time to harness the required skills.

Do you plan to sing more songs in the coming future?

Yes. I will be singing several original numbers and cover songs back to back. For me, this is just the beginning. I want to break free from my typecasted image of an actor and explore newer paths as a singer also.

Your Insta Bio says you were an electrical engineer, how demanding the shift from being an engineer to an actress was?

I think things happen smoothly when you decide to surrender to the universe. You know what you want and let it come to you with little steps towards your goals. In a manner, you pave the way for the next big thing and it happens automatically, you don’t have to force it. However, one must keep working towards it. You cannot name a set of rules or set of struggles that could be labelled as the definite formulae. You cannot prepare every step.

I knew what I wanted to do from class 12. I was continuously training to enter Indian Idol. Somewhere or the other, I was always preparing for my final goals. While I was doing my engineering, I realized that I have to finish my education and get my degree. After that, I started going to events, became a media person, and eventually started acting.

Being a social media influencer, how do you handle online hate without getting affected by it?

I think my strength comes from the fact that I’m very passionate about myself and the work I do. Gradually with time, I have taught myself to enjoy the whole process and not get irritated by it. I look at my journey, people have body shamed me, typecasted me because I look a certain way, talk a certain way, and said that my success is hollow. However, it is also true that with time I have been acknowledged for my skills, talent, and the hard work I have put into my career. It was a long journey to be where I’m today and that has brought the confidence I have in me and my work. I am at a very secure juncture in my life right now and because of that, I understand that everyone behaves in a certain manner because of their insecurities and complexities.

You must have heard of Raj Kundra’s case. Did you get any such offer from any of his associates or some unknown agencies?

No. I haven’t got any such offers. Thankfully, the company I’m working with follows certain guidelines and I never go non-exclusive. Moreover, I don’t want my audience to get distracted. Although I got offers from different companies that I declined all of them at a very initial stage.

What would you like to comment regarding what went down in the alleged Raj Kundra case?

I think it was very shocking for everyone in the industry. However, I try not to get in the middle of matters and issues of which do not concern me. I believe I know just as much as everyone else.

Do you have any memory of the late actor Siddharth Shukla? Have you ever met him in person?

Siddharth Shukla and I used to work out in the same gym, we also met at a couple of parties. I have always seen him working out very hard at the gym, sweating it out regularly, doing a lot of cardio, he was very active. The day I got the news of his demise I cancelled all of my plans. It was extremely shocking, and it took me a lot of time to wrap my head around the fact that he was no more.

What are your views regarding Depression and how it has affected the modern generation?

Depression is very internal. It could be due to many reasons, it might be childhood trauma that wasn’t dealt with in time, or a toxic relationship, or simply a heartbreak… It is a vast subject. One can’t just pick a single point and start from there. It is rooted in many things, which cannot be pinpointed in a short period. People, in general, tend to concentrate more on the outer appearance and in the meanwhile, forget to heal from the inside. At first one should be able to address the things which hurt us, to acknowledge that we need help.

What are the upcoming projects or web series you are working on?

I am expecting to be working on an Amazon Prime Video series which is scheduled to release next year. I am not supposed to say anything about it (laughs), so don’t ask me anything more, I don’t want to spill the beans!! I am also doing a Telugu film. Along with that, I will also be releasing some independent song videos in the coming months.

Currently, what is that you consider as your most prized possession?

My most prized possession is my audience who are giving me so much love and It’s because of them, I’m here right now. The popularity and fame somehow have given me the ability to choose the work I want to do. Everything has become easier. I also get to concentrate on my other interests like music and singing. I get to decide whether I want to do a certain project or not. The fact that I’m not operating from a place of desperation and vulnerability has made things easier.

Can you tell us about your skincare regime, what is your go-to product when it comes to skincare?

I believe that we need to nourish our insides to glow outside. I take my multi-vitamins regularly, use collagen products, and concentrate on my diet. Hydrate and eat all my vegetables.

I heard somewhere that you like horse riding, do you still ride?

It has been almost two years since the last time I went horse riding, because of the lockdown. I love animals immensely and connect to them very well. I believe horses are my spirit animals.

Do you have any pets?

I wanted to have pets but, as I live in Mumbai alone, and have to travel constantly due to work, I couldn’t keep any. I had a cat but had to give it away because I was not able to make time for her.

Who are your favourite singers? What kind of music do you like?

My favourite singer is Lata Mangeshkar Ji. I listen to her vocals and try to imitate and understand the notes. Apart from her, I like Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh. I like music which has a meaning to it. Some of the Ghazals are my favourites.

Apart from work and social media, where else does your interest lie?

I like journaling and reading. Whenever I have free time, I try to journal all my thoughts and aspirations. I go down to a cafe, sit down in a corner, and write down everything which comes across my mind, both positive and negative. Journaling also is a way of self-assessment. I also like reading books about self-help and body language.

What is more important to you, spirituality or religion, and why?

I think both come with a set of values. Religion is something we grow up with, learn from our parents. Spirituality is more innate, something which we have to find ourselves.

How did the pandemic affect you?

If I try to summarize it, I believe it worked out in a good way for me. I got time to connect with my audience and work on the growth of my app and because of that, it got a lot of traction. My debut song, Jugnu also came during the pandemic, so all in all it was good.

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