Since the day pandemic appeared in the world, there were several sectors that were badly affected. Though, FAO Asia Pacific comes forward with the aim of the call to action. This campaign has been called to extend help to the majority of smallholder family farmers amid a health crisis. The initiative was supported by FAO. Reportedly, smallholder farmers own and operate the majority of farmland, but they hold less than five hectares per farm.

However, the majority of what they produce, or 75 percent, is sold in the markets, while the remainder is consumed by household members. As per the FAQ, food, trade, health, and climate are interdependent, and the pandemic has revealed the fragility of these linkages. Some 350 million undernourished people in Asia, more than any other region, and FAO feared the pandemic could endanger decades of gains in reducing poverty and ending hunger. It has been further informed that smallholder family farmers earned very less and low average incomes prior to the pandemic and are now enduring worsening conditions, such as a weakening in their purchasing power. The disruptions of food chains have also caused increasing food loss and falling prices in the global market.

Allan Dow, FAO’s Asia-Pacific Communication Officer revealed that this campaign to advocate for Asia-Pacific’s family farmers, fishers, herders, and others who need it now more than ever.


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