• Northern Punjab witnessed the gathering of 100,000 farmers and farm workers for strengthening the protests.
  • Tomar asked the farmers to point out anti-farmer clauses in the laws and stated that protests will not get the laws repealed.
  • Rajesh Tikait whereas sticking to protesting announced that the farmers` union will move to Gujarat for earning more strength.
  • Narendra Singh Tomar informed the framer leaders that Government is still open to talking to the farmers about negotiation.

The Farmers’ Protest against the three contentious farm laws have seen a lot of phases in the last few months and yet again the agitation has started to strengthen up in full force. Reports have noted that 100,000 farmers and farm workers assembled in northern Punjab from where leaders will start off their journey towards Delhi on February 27. The tussle between Modi’s government and the farmers has been running for more than three months now and the borders of the national capital have become camping and protesting sites with more than ten thousand farmers demanding the revocation of the laws.

Noting the growing spirit of the farmers’ agitation, the agricultural minister, Narendra Singh Tomar informed that Government is ready to negotiate and asked the farmers to note down the anti-farmer clause of the laws. He added that protests and mass gatherings will not bring any changes to the laws. Tomar also mentioned that the twelve rounds of talks terminated in an indecisive way, he stated that a set of laws could not be flatly just revoked without any written and proven justification. 

Rajesh Tiakit on the other side is sticking to protests as he is making plans to move to Gujarat and assemble farmers of that state. Tikait already associated with BKU`s supporters from Gujarat and Maharastra at Ghazipur. Tikait answering to the justification request from Tomar also marked a new anti-farmer clause along with violation of MSPs and Privatization. Tikait noted that markets for farmers would become costly, they will not be able to take home products from the market at a reasonable price and they will be controlled by corporate markets.

Presently, the entire nation is tempted with the farm laws and farmers’ agitation seems to be magnified as days are passing. The continuous stir between the government and the farmers regarding the three agri laws are getting more intensive and affecting the farming sector terribly.


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