Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said that workers, farmers and labourers are the real strength of India and only the country can be strengthened by empowering them. On Monday, Gandhi said that India’s strength is a strong economy, youth employment and social harmony.

According to Gandhi, if Modi had helped farmers, workers and laborers instead of hollowing out the country by helping his few capitalist friends, then China would not have dared to set eyes on India.

Gandhi also tweeted, “India’s strength is a strong economy, employed youth & social harmony. Had Mr Modi protected our farmers-labourers-workers instead of hollowing out India by helping his crony capitalist friends, China wouldn’t have had the guts to take our land.”

He further said that China knows that the strength of India is its peasants, labourers and the working class but they are being weakened. If China feels that the real strength of India has not been weakened then it would not have the courage to look at or put a foot in India.


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