Congress leader, P Chidambaram has stated that the BJP government decided to repeal the three contentious farm laws only because they are afraid of losing at the upcoming Assembly elections.

Speaking to reporters, the veteran politician said that the BJP-led government only fears electoral defeat and not the Parliament or the democracy. He mentioned the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said three weeks ago that farm laws will not be withdrawn.

He said that the change in the decision comes after the government realized that they will lose badly in the next round of elections in the five states including Goa. He repeated that it was the fear of losing the election that has impelled the PM to suddenly announce at 9 am this (Friday) morning that he has decided to withdraw the farm laws.

Calling the government ‘stubborn’, Chidambaram said it does not believe in consultation, discussion, and parliamentary debate. He also urged people to defeat the Modi govt in the coming election if they want it to mend their ways.

“I hope the people of Goa, as well as other four states, will deal a massive defeat to the BJP in the next round of elections,” the Congress leader said. He added that the Congress party hoped that the government would call the farmers to discuss and mutually agree on the pending issues.


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