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The second week is over and fans must have missed the host of the show Salman Khan this Weekend Ka Vaar but the episode tonight was full of twist and turns to keep the audience hooked. The day began with the daily nagging over kitchen duties. Everyone confronted Abhinav and Rubina over chopping duties. After arguments among housemates over the chopping nag, we see Shukla and Rubina locking horns once again tonight. Later, Jasmin tells Shehzad about her disliking for Tamboli. Next up was the Skirmish between Pavitra and Rahul.

After a lot of chaos, Bigg Boss gave contestant the luxury budget task where Rahul and Jaan were asked to perform songs given to them. Hina, Jasmin and Nishant had joined Rahul while Eijaz, Gauhar and Shehzad joined Jaan. Jaan sang 25 songs of which 23 were of his dad, the legendary Kumar Sanu. He had dedicated a song to his love interest in the show, Nikki Tamboli. After the task Jaan wins the task for having a larger audience than Rahul.

Things turned uglier after Bigg Boss asked the contestants for a decision whether Nikki’s position as a confirmed contestant should be taken. While Rahul, Jaan, Nishant and Pavitra vote in her favour, Jasmin Rubina and Abhinav completely disagreed. After a lot of ruckuses, eventually, Bigg Boss announced Nikki as confirmed contestants as the housemates were not able to reach a consensus. A heated discussion takes place between Jaan and Tamboli where the former calls the later “double dholki”. Late at night Pavitra and Rahul sort out their fight and agreed to not fight with one another. 


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