• · All the major car manufacturers would be asked to make flex-fuel engines mandatory for their vehicles by the next three to four months
  • · Gadkari’s plans to shift the transportation medium to flex-fuel engines are not restricted to four-wheelers, but two-wheelers as well
  • · The Union Minister has asked Ajit Pawar to concentrate on setting ethanol pumps in Pune for the benefit of the farmers and the sugar industry

Today, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has made an announcement about the government’s plans to issue orders to all vehicle manufacturers for making flex-fuel engines mandatory for their vehicles in the coming three to four months.

He says, “I have a wish. I would like to stop the petrol and diesel use in the country in my lifetime and our farmers can give the alternative to this in the form of ethanol. I am going to issue an order in the next three to four months, in which carmakers – from BMW, Mercedes to Tata and Mahindra – will be asked to make flex engines.”

Flex-fuel is formed combining gasoline and ethanol or methanol. The plans for making it the new normal for vehicles have emerged from the Centre’s aspiration to encourage new energy vehicles. Mr. Gadkari’s plans are not restricted to four-wheelers but he will also be asking two-wheeler manufacturers such as Bajaj and TVS to exploit the idea of flex-fuel engines for their vehicles.

The Union Minister has previously considered ethanol to be better than petrol principally because it is pollution-free, cost-effective and aboriginal as well. He has emphasized on the fact that three ethanol pumps in Pune were inaugurated by PM Modi and has asked Ajit Pawar, “to take up the work of setting up multiple ethanol pumps in Pune as well as in Western Maharashtra districts as it would help farmers and the sugar industry.”

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