• Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi asked PM to follow Raj Dharma and take action regarding fuel prices.
  • Gandhi termed BJP as a profiteering party and stated that Government is supposed to ease pain and not put them in misery.
  • Gandhi also asked the reason for increasing the price of cylinders by Rs. 175 in two and a half months.
  • Gandhi also marked the Government cruel as it refused to decrease the hiked price of the oil.

Sonia Gandhi sent a three-page letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the price hike of Petroleum. She advised PM to follow Raj Dharma and listen to the demands of problems of the common man. Gandhi marked the Centre’s decision profiteering and stated that unlike Government’s real task is to ease people’s burden and the BJP party is creating more pressure. The Congress chief noted that due to pandemic, the employment opportunity has reduced, the economy is degrading and the Government is thinking about its profit.

Sonia Gandhi mentioned that a historical price hike for petrol was noted in India, and this happened even during the price of crude oil in the international market is stable. She found it saddening and surprising that the BJP government blames the previous government for all its failures even after seven years of their reign.

Gandhi also pointed out that the Indian Govt implies Rs. 33 on every liter of petrol and Rs. 32 in every liter of diesel and that is disastrous. The Congress chief asked PM about the justification or reason behind increasing the cylinder price by Rs. 175 in two and a half months. Gandhi noted that the Indian Government should not give any excuse and start mending the issues.


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