Today, in the presence of Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee, the former Congress leader and ex-chief minister of Goa Luizinho Faleiro and several other leaders joined the Trinamool Congress. MP Abhishek Banerjee handed over the party flag to Faleiro and other leaders.

After joining Trinamool Congress, Luizinho Faleiro expressed his joy and said that he is commencing a ‘journey with Didi’. Citing his reason for joining TMC, he mentioned that Goa needed a credible alternative. “I request her to come to Goa to protect the identity and heritage of Goa,” he added.

“Mamata is a symbol of women empowerment and a streetfighter. She is fighting divisive forces. She poses a real direct challenge to the BJP. I request her to come to Goa and take charge,” Faleiro said.

Taking to Twitter, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee quoted it as a matter of ‘great pride’. She said along with Faleiro, they will stand up for every Goan, fight divisive forces, and work towards ushering in a ‘NEW DAWN’ for Goa. “I am also pleased to welcome Former MLA from MGP Shri Lavoo Mamledar, Congress General Secretaries Yatish Naik and Vijay Poi, and Congress Secretaries Mario Pinto De Santana and Anand Naik to the party,” she added.

On Tuesday, Faleiro had landed in Kolkata. Along with the ex-CM, several other leaders also arrived in the city to join Trinamool Congress. Previously, Faleiro said that he has suffered in the Congress and wants the suffering for Goans to end.

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