• The drill is France’s military exercise to test the ability to protect its satellites.
  • Michel Friedling noted the exercise to be the first stress test of the French Army.
  • The drill has been named AsterX after the first French Satellite Asterix from 1965.
  • The French exercise which is active from Monday is participated by the US Space Force and German Space agencies.

France conducts the first military exercise in space to test its ability to protect the satellites amidst the growing competition around Earth’s Orbit between all the powers of the world. The exercise has been termed as a “stress test of the system” by Michel Friendling, the head of France’s Space Command. The drill codenamed ‘AsterX’ for paying tribute to Asterix, the first French Satellite in 1965, which was the first drill of the system of the French Army.

The exercise in France started on Monday and reportedly, it will run till Friday. The exercise has been participated by the US Space Force and German Space Agencies. Noting the historical event, Florence Parly the Defense Minister states that France is acting as per the situation since the allies and the adversaries are all militarizing.


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