The shooting for the sequel of the blockbuster film Gadar has started. The 2001 film starred Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel in the roles of a Sikh truck driver and a Pakistani woman respectively. The film followed their lives through the partition of India and Pakistan. The sequel of the film, Gadar 2 went on floors on Wednesday.

Pictures from the same were shared by Ameesha Patel on her social media. These pictures included glimpses of ‘muhurat shot’. Amesha and Sunny Deol will be seen reprising their roles from the first film in Gadar 2. Utkarsh Sharma who played Sunny and Ameesha’s onscreen son will also return for the sequel.

In the photos, Ameesha was seen dressed as Sakeena and Sunny Deol sported the look of her husband, Tara Singh. A comment on the pictures read, “I am so excited for this movie. The characters are back,” “Kabse wait kar rahi thi iss din ka (Been waiting for this day for so long).”, Another fan didn’t miss the chance and asked: “Iss baar kya ukhadenge Sunny Paaji? (What will Sunny Paaji uproot this time?)” (Sunny Deol, in anger, had pulled a hand-pump out in Gadar.)

“Lo ek aur safar shuru ho gaya (yet another journey has started), filled with excitement at the muhurat of Gadar 2. Aap sab ki blessings and pyaar chayiye (need all your love and blessings). Releasing on 2022,” wrote Utkarsh while sharing some moments from the shoot. The actor is the son of Gadar’s director Anil Sharma. He will also be directing Gadar 2.

Sunny Deol too took to his Instagram to share glimpses of his look from the film. Gardar 2 was announced in October. It all started when Utkarsh gave an open-ended answer to a query regarding the sequel. At the time he had said that there wasn’t any announcement from the makers’ side. He said that he understood the love the fans have for the film and the desire for a sequel. He said that a second part could only happen with a terrific story that takes time.

Set in the times of partition, Gadar was a love story of Tara Singh a Sikh truck driver, and a Pakistani woman named Sakeena. The film was released in 2001 and was an instant hit.

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