• Mr. Johnson’s comments are likely to disturb diplomatic relations between France and Britain
  • France has expressed its outrage over the sudden decision of the US and UK, which violated a separate contract with the country
  • Prez Biden has indulged in a “friendly” with Emmanuel Macron and they are to meet in Europe at the end of October

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Borris Johnson hinted at the loss of patience over France expressing discontent on the breach of a separate French contract resulting from the trilateral AUKUS nuclear submarine deal.

“I just think it’s time for some of our dearest friends around the world to ‘prenez un grip’ (get a grip) about all this, ‘Donnez-moi un break’ (give me a break) because this is fundamentally a great step forward for global security,” says the PM after a meeting with Prez Biden in Washington. The English phrases ‘get a grip’ and ‘give me a break’ were translated by him into French.

France was outraged over the US and UK’s sudden announcement to construct submarines for Australia. The deal breached a previous agreement of France of selling conventional submarines. The deal which was launched under the participation of the US, Australia and Britain and concerned the Indo-Pacific security was considered to be a stab in the back by Paris. Ahead of outrage, France has summoned back its ambassador from Australia.

President Joe Biden however, has indulged in a “friendly” phone conversation with Emmanuel Macron this week and both are scheduled to meet in Europe at the end of October. Britain’s comments on France are likely to botch up the diplomatic relations between the countries as sources reveal about the dictates from the French government to limit contacts with Britain.

“This is the whole problem however when one claims to want an international order based on rules and relationships based on trust,” tweeted Nathalie Loiseau, a former French Europe minister and European Lawmaker.


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