On Tuesday, the Karnataka high court postponed its decision by July 22 i.e. Thursday on a lawsuit brought by Twitter India managing director Manish Maheshwari, demanding a notice issued to him by the Uttar Pradesh Police. It is done in connection with a video of an alleged hate crime that went viral on social media last June. Last Tuesday, the court had postponed and called for the judgement on July 20.

On June 24, the court awarded Maheshwari interim protection, ordering that no coercive measures be employed against him. On June 29, the UP Police filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the ruling; however, Maheshwari had already filed an exception in the top court the day before, requesting it to hear his side as well.

He had previously stated before the Karnataka high court that he is willing to go before the UP Police, but only if he is not arrested. Furthermore, while the police want Maheshwari to testify in person, he is only ready to do so via video conference.

It all started when the Loni assault video went viral on social media. On June 5, an old Muslim man was assaulted in Loni, Ghaziabad, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. The six accused reportedly forced the 72-year-old to sing “Jai Siya Ram” while also forcefully shaving his beard. However, authorities later said that the event had no religious overtones and that the victim had been beaten up over a personal quarrel.

Later, the UP Police Department has filed an FIR against nine individuals and organizations. This includes Twitter, Twitter India, Congress politicians, and journalists, for incorrectly assigning a communal tone to the event without thoroughly investigating the facts.

According to the FIR, Twitter did nothing to stop the video from getting viral. It then sent Maheshwari with a legal notice to come before them for interrogation, as well as a second notice requesting “account details” from individuals who supported the video.

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