• The Lancet Global Health published the data on maternal infection and sepsis due to pregnancy and post-pregnancy period in health facilities around the world.
  • Maternal Sepsis is a condition that has a life-threatening effect and rises during pregnancy, childbirth, post-abortion, or the postpartum period when the body’s response to infection causes injury to the tissues and organs.
  • On 11 women out if 1000 live births are detected with maternal infection. These women either died it nearly died during hospitalization.

Sepsis because of obstetric infection is estimated as the third most common reason for maternal mortality around the world, this involves the infection caused by endometritis or post-caesarean wound infections. The STOP SEPSIS campaign accompanied the GLOSS to increase awareness among healthcare providers. A study was conducted to get information on women who were over one week in 2017, over 2800 women participated from 52 countries in the study.

Most of the deaths recorded during the study were mainly because of the underlying infection of primary post-abortion infection and indirect infection. Even postpartum haemorrhage is the reason for infection attributed death, thus, it could be concluded that the rate of global maternal mortality and morbidity is larger than the current reports. The common infections like urinary tract, infections post caesarean, and post-abortion infections could be treatable and largely preventable. According to the reports of GLOSS, the current rate of monitoring and clinical care is not enough to prevent, identify, and treat maternal infections effectively.

GLOSS provides an opportunity for health care providers, policymakers, and the public at large to prepare themselves with the help of these data and improve evidence-based practices to save lives. A number of resources are produced by WHO to support timely action and prevention with proper diagnosis and treatment of maternal infection. With the upcoming campaign of SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands on 5th May the role of the nurses and midwives in clean health care will be celebrated. As requested in 2017 World Health Organisation will publish a Global Sepsis Epidemiology report around the 73rd World Health Assembly (WHA).


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