• · The shooters were disguised as lawyers and opened fire at the gangster while he was being presented for hearing
  • · The police fired in retaliation, killing the two gunmen
  • · Gogi was arrested in the year 2020, before which he fled police custody ahead of his arrests in 2016

Today, Delhi’s Rohini court witnessed spine-chilling visuals as two gunmen disguised as lawyers opened fire in the busy court premises, killing Jitender Gogi, one of India’s most wanted gangsters. The police exchanged fire as a response, which killed the two gunmen.

The incident occurred in Rohini’s court number 207 when the infamous gangster was being presented before the judge. The sudden brawl led to the panicking of the people present as the incident took place at an hour when several sessions were in progress. Jitender Gogi, the target of the disguised gunmen, was arrested in March 2020.

According to sources, the Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana stated, “Two criminals opened fire at gangster (Jitender Mann) ‘Gogi” when he was taken to the (Rohini) court for a hearing. In retaliation, police shot dead both the attackers. One of them was carrying a reward of rupees 50,000.”

Gogi was arrested earlier in 2016 but escaped police custody within three months. His criminal involvements in Delhi include attempts to murder, murder, possessing illegal arms, land grabbing, extortion, etc. His shooters are reportedly from his rival gang named Tillu. Sources say that both the gangs have been indulging in a war for a long time.

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