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On Wednesday, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar lashed out at the Congress and The Wire for seeking to interrupt the current Monsoon session of Parliament by bringing up the Pegasus phone tapping incident.

He stated at a press conference, “For the current session, it was agreed to debate different programs for women, youth, and the backward classes, but Congress has a goal of becoming engaged with certain forces to disrupt the proceedings anytime there is a chance of something good.”

Khattar questioned the controversy’s timing, saying, “Their (Congress’) timing is actually fixed. When they run out of things to talk about, they resort to such nonsense and concoct a plot with the help of foreign forces.”

“On July 18, The Pegasus conspiracy came to the fore, only one day before the Parliament session began, through The Wire, which is a Leftist publication and a nexus of Leftists,” he added, referring to The Wire as a Leftist newspaper and a nexus of Leftists.

“The Wire is one of those,” Khattar stated in response to a query regarding 17 media organizations releasing the findings concerning Pegasus in a unified press statement. The wire is a leftist publication. All of these (media organizations) are unaffiliated with any country. They all work in their own unique way. They are neither patriots nor organizations who have a love for any nation.”

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