Chandigarh: Today, the Chief Minister of Harayana Manohar Lal Khattar addressed media and said, “The holy month of Ramazan is beginning, I urge all the people of Muslim Community to pray at home.”  He also appeals to download the Arogya Setu App and use it.

The Haryana CM said “The state government making every effort to deal with corona epidemic. In the fight against the global epidemic, the state of Haryana is much better than other states.  The number of people getting infected with a corona in the country doubling in 7 days but in Haryana, it is happening in 14 days. There are only 6 districts in Haryana where the number of patients is 10 or above. In this also, 2 districts have become better than before. I urge the entire practising brother to come forward and support the farmers. As long as the procurement of food grains goes on, if there is any loss to the farmer or other people associated with it, the state government will provide medical coverage of Rs. 10 Lakh rupees. Our arrangements for agriculture are better than other states. I assured to the farmers whatever problems come in their way we will try to help them out”

“We all know that there is a connection between farmers and the economy. We are trying to transfer the money to farmers through banks as we can understand the situation of farmers and our economic dept, market board everyone discussing on this matter. Try not to create chaos on single and small issue meeting are holding in a matter related to the farmer. It’s our priority to purchase the crop of Famers” added Manohar Lal Khattar.


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