In accordance over racial discrimination and beauty standards going across the globe, previous week HUL was anticipating regulatory acceptance and change of the name of its chief brand by removing  ‘fair’ from “Fair and Lovely” and men’s product to be named as “Glow and Handsome”. It has announced its flagship skincare brand to be rebranded as “glow and lovely”. In an announcement earlier the company said that the rebranding will be more inclusive and diverse towards the idea of ‘healthy skin is beautiful skin’.

Fair and Lovely generates almost $60 revenue for HUL and holds nearly 60% share of the skin whitening merchandise in India. HUL claimed that the brand always showed ad campaigns empowering women rather than racism.” The brand’s idea is to have a global approach that cares for people which is diverse in nature for everyone and everywhere while celebrating every skin tones”,

Due to its tilt towards the brown-skinned women, it was criticized a lot of times. It claimed that the new skincare lines will reflect the vision of beauty rather than fairness. The usage of such words is a synonym towards the mainstream patriarchy of the society, who meant fairness to be a beauty. The more we are evolving we need to change the mindset of the society we live in and hence it is important to change the language we use to portray our brand. Even L’Oreal, Dabur and Emami are on a call to rebrand their respective skin whitening products. 


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