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Philanthropist, Director, and Academy Award-winning actress and a mother of six, Anjelina Jolie celebrates her 46th birthday on June 4, 2021.

The Hollywood Actress has been in the limelight for her multiple endeavors, her journey of self-awareness with physical health, and motherhood. The actress has also been loved by millions for her work in philanthropy and charity which expands around the world.

The actress who is currently again hitting the International headlines due to the custody battle of her 5 minor children, with ex-husband and actor Brad Pitt, has been known for her decisive attitude and strong decisions in every aspect of her life, which includes her health, her philanthropy work, her relationships and most importantly her 6 children.

Her film career expands around three decades which includes acting and also directorial prowess. Films like Salt(2010), Changeling(2008), Wanted(2008), Maleficent (2014) Mr. and Mrs. Smith(2005), and Kung Fu Panda (2008) are a few of her most promising films.

Her directorial work includes films like, In the Land of Blood and Honey(2011), Unbroken(2014), By the Sea(2015), and First They Killed Father(2017, and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil(2019).

Angelina Jolie has a unique blend of charisma and urbanity in her demeanor. Although her being one of the eminent personalities in the International sphere has interfered with her decisions about her personal life, still she has been able to maintain a dignified space within the media and herself.

The actress has taken some bold decisions in the past which have made her the person today. Anjelina is one of the personalities who have time and again proved that they are amazingly beautiful both inside and out, not just with their work but also their contribution to the world at large.

The actress adopted her first child, Maddox from Cambodia. Maddox Chivan was just seven months old when Jolie adopted him.

Angelina Jolie’s fight with cancer has been in the public domain from the very beginning, the actress took a leap of faith and decided upon a preventative double mastectomy after she learned that she had a risk of an 87% risk of developing cancer due to a defective BRCA1 gene as her maternal lineage indicated for genetic testing for BRCA mutations as her mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand died of ovarian cancer.

The actress went in for an oophorectomy too; the news of her major surgical procedures was published in the New York Times. The actress took upon to publish her diagnosis, surgeries, and personal experiences for the general public to spread awareness and help other women to make informed decisions on the topic of health and womanhood.

Jolie has been actively working on various Humanitarian issues, as she became an ambassador for UNHCR, during her long career she has traveled places, met people and tried to understand their problems.

She has been actively participating in charity work by giving out large donations to the various institutions . She has also been working for Conservation and community development, working for Human Rights and Women’s Rights, and has participated in many other forms of campaigns against various indiscrimination in regards to humanity and the environment.

Angelina Jolie has time and again proven that she has been a living embodiment of compassion and integrity. She understands her position and has used it for the betterment of other people than herself.

All her life events have reflected that she is someone who would always be empathetic and humble towards others. In one of her interviews, the actress said that her whole life she has been trying to figure out what she can do for her loved ones.

Her breathtaking personality is the least of her qualities. Her immaculately diverse ways of helping people have shown the kindness of the heart she possesses, making her one of the most beloved and appreciated personalities of her time.

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