• Indian Commercial Pilots Association wrote letter to director of operations
  • Highlighted their need for Covid Vaccination as the top management has not organised vaccine camps for them yet
  • The crew demanded Air India to set up vaccination camps for the flying crew above the age of 18 years
  • They letter warned ‘no vaccine for flying crew hence no work’

On Tuesday, Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) raised their concern through a written letter to the director of operations against the flying crew not being allowed for covid vaccination. They pointed out that many crew members have tested positive since the flying crew have been risking their lives during this pandemic.

They said that when on desk jobs or work from home employees can get vaccinated, then why not the flying crew. The letter stated that it’s disheartening to witness the top management organising vaccine camps at few bases but excluding pilots who have been discharging their duties in a risky environment. ICPA is hoping Air India would not let down them and their families as they have stood by the nation during this Covid pandemic.

ICPA pilots pointed that it is due to their untiring support that Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) and relief operations have run smoothly during deadlier strains of Covid-19. In return the crew has received only a discriminatory pay cut. The association asserted that it won’t risk lives of pilots flying without vaccination as there is no healthcare support nor insurance, and only a ‘massive opportunistic’ pay cut.

The letter warned that on a Pan-India basis, if Air India also failed to set up vaccination camps for the flying crew above the age of 18 years, then the crew would not work further. The response of Air India to ICPA’s letter is awaited.