On 24th December 2020, Indian Institute of Human Security and Governance in collaboration with Amity Institute of Liberal Arts, Mumbai had organized a Book Launch & Webinar on “Women Empowerment and Welfare: Recent Issues and Trends”.

The book depicted the recent trends of the condition of women in spheres of empowerment and welfare in South Asia in several domains including the women condition in the workforce, domestic arena, Covid 19 period in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. This book also discussed how strongly women managed to survive through many traditional and modern crisis–management techniques during the pandemic with ‘Home Management’ skills.

The webinar served as a platform to discuss the situation of women in the pandemic situation and stressed the importance of working towards the empowerment and welfare of women in all spheres of life.

The virtual session was commenced by the Editor of the Book, Dr. Nandini Basistha, Assistant Professor. Prof. Dr. Alka Parikh, Director remarked that to empower women we have to educate them. While Dr. Aurora Martin, Senior Advisor, Embassy in Romania shared perspectives and experiences of the different situations globally.

This book is an outcome of collective research work done by various researchers from all over South Asia. Several chapter authors of the book also discussed the content of their writing in this Webinar.

Also, a Post-Doctoral fellow Dr Andrey Shastri, University of Lucknow talked about Women Empowerment in India. She remarked women are the backbone of a family, a society, and a nation. “Without empowering this half population, one can’t imagine the prosperity of a nation. They are an integral part of our society”, she said.

She also noted that women literacy is an integral part of over-all development for a civilized society. Women’s empowerment is necessary for positive change which is a key factor for achieving sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability.

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