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Today, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has made an appeal to the government of India for imposing an urgent nationwide lockdown. The organization reasoned it as the sole method to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19.

“We will appeal to the government to impose an immediate 15-day national lockdown to break the Covid-19 chain”, Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh, president-elect of the national IMA said.

The lockdown is being proposed multiple times by Dr. Singh since the last fortnight. He said, that IMA would continue asking the government to impose a nationwide lockdown as it would lessen the burden on the healthcare facilities which are about to face a breakdown.

The various heads of the departments are reached out for consent to lockdown and almost every one of them agrees to it. “We are also trying to involve the heads of medical units of the BJP and JDU in our campaign for a lockdown but they are yet to respond,” Dr. Ajay KUmar, acting president of the IMA said.

Doctor Kumar said that the United Kingdom and China could only control the spread of the virus through complete lockdown of the state. The United States of America did not put a lockdown and had to put the heavy prices for it.

There are still people in the rural areas who are not fully aware. Dr. Kumar told about his personal clinic where people still visited without a mask. He then would give them sanitizer and masks to protect them from the virus.

Dr. Kumar added, that the Free movement of the ignorant people will be stopped and the Covid-19 chain will be broken if the lockdown gets imposed. Although some might argue that economy will be hampered but it is better to take that risk.


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