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A 1,300-year-old Hindu temple has been found at a mountain in northwest Pakistan’s Swat district, by Pakistani and Italian archaeological specialists. While they were digging at Barikot Ghundai this discovery was made.

On Thursday, from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Archaeology, Fazle Khaliq declared the discovery and said that it is a temple of Lord Vishnu. Before 1,300 years, in the course of the Hindu Shahi periods, the temple was built by the Hindus, he added.

Kabul Valley of eastern Afghanistan, Gandhara of modern-day Pakistan, and present-day northwestern India were ruled by a Hindu dynasty of The Hindu Shahis or Kabul Shahis (850-1026 CE).

The archaeologists also discovered evidence of camps and watchtowers near the temple site, throughout their excavation. Near the temple site a water tank was found by them, and it is believed that the before worshiping the Hindus used the tank for bathing .

The signs of the Hindu Shahi period have been discovered for the first time in Swat district, which is a highlighted area of almost thousand-year-old archaeological sites, said Khaliq.

For the first time a temple of the Ghandhara civilisation found in Swat district, said the head of the Italian archaeological mission, Dr Luka.

From the top 20 places in Pakistan which is home ground to all kinds of tourism like natural beauty, religious and cultural tourism and archaeological areas, Swat district is one of them, also where several worshipping places of Buddhism are situated.


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