IIM Bodh Gaya celebrates the occasion to spread the importance of the World Mental Health Day. The day is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of mental health and spread awareness about it. The institute is said to be a believer and perpetrator of mental health.

To celebrate the occasion, IIM Bodh Gaya partnered along with an online counseling coach named, ‘YourDost’. The online counseling program mainly aims to help people at times of emotional distress and depression. The event was attended by several faculty members and students. Dr Vinita Sahay, the Director was also present on the occasion. On the occasion, Sahay spoke about the importance of mental health, and the commitment of the institute towards it.

The institute also established a weekly mindfulness series, ‘Bodhi Pravaah’. Every Sunday the series is said to host a spectrum of activities such as ‘Music Therapies’, ‘ASMR meditation’, ‘Five sense meditation’, and many more such activities. An online meditation was organized during the event to help the audience relax.

Furthermore, the Media & PR Cell displayed a video named, ‘What Makes You Happy’. The video revolves around students who spoke about the things or people who make them happy and smile. The main aim of the video was to emphasize the things that make us the happiest are very inconsequential.


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