New Delhi: Today, Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Minister of State for South Asia and the Commonwealth has announced the funding awards after visiting India. He said that the UK has cooperated with Indian Serum Institute to produce COVID-19 vaccine. UK and India associate their research forces, expending about 8 million Euros to mitigate the challenging outbreak.

Considering India as a major antimicrobial manufacturer in the pharma sector, UK is contributing 4 million Euros for global collaboration in which India is heading this with its own resources that sum up to 8m Euros in total. India and the UK will start 5 new projects to handle the anti-microbial resistance (AMR) for developing components to battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and genes. Ahmad mentioned that if the clinical trials become successful, then about a billion people will receive it in the developing nations.

The association of India and the UK in the fields of research and innovation will benefit both. The High Commissioner to India, Sir Philip Barton outlined that the UK is India‚Äôs second-largest research associate that invested about 400 million Euros for joint research by 2022. This will assist in developing the COVID-19 vaccine, strengthening an excellent research relationship. Many other issues will be discussed during the visit of Minister Lord (Tariq) Ahmad to India with several stakeholders. 


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