• Direct flights from India to Canada might resume on September 27
  • India to Canada direct flight ban has been extended till September 26
  • If the number of cases is higher then the decision of lifting the ban will be reconsidered

Direct flights from India to Canada might resume on September 27 as per the reports. The existing flight ban enforced due to the COVID-19 pandemic that would be relaxed on the grounds of the results of the COVID-19 test carried out on the arrival in Canada on passengers travelling from New Delhi on three flights on Wednesday.

As a “first step”, Transport Canada underlined, all passengers on the three Air Canada flights from New Delhi on Wednesday will be tested for COVID -19 on arrival “to ensure that the new measures are working.” The India-to-Canada direct flight ban has been extended by Transport Canada that will remain effective from September 21 to 26.

However, it is noted that in case of a high number of positive COVID -19 results, the lifting of the ban will be reconsidered that has been fixed on September 27. Transport Canada asserted, “Border and public health measures also remain subject to change as the epidemiological situation evolves.”

Moreover, there are also additional conditions that are required to be fulfilled by passengers from India once the flight ban is relaxed. According to the guidelines, the travelers will have to take a molecular test for COVID-19 from Canada approved Genestrings lab at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and will only be permitted if the result is negative.

The test will have to be conducted “within 18 hours of the scheduled departure of their direct flight to Canada”. Furthermore, COVID-19 tests from any other lab in India will not be recognized for travel to Canada. In April, Canada banned direct flights from India due to the Delta-driven second wave of the COVID -19 pandemic rage in the country.

Ajay Bisaria who is India’s High Commissioner to Ottawa reported, “We continue to remain engaged with our Canadian partners and emphasize the importance of early resumption of normal air mobility.”

The rules for travelers from India via a third country continue to remain the same. It states that the passengers will have to acquire a valid negative test result carried out within 72 hours of boarding a flight headed for a Canadian destination at the place of departure.

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