Today, in the virtual weekly media briefing, the MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava addressed the reality behind Pakistan’s supporting role in terrorism, which cannot be hidden with any amount of denial.

 Hitting Pakistan for attempting to ‘play victim’, Srivastava said that Pak should stop acting like a victim as it provides shelter to the maximum number of UN proscribed terrorists. When asked about Pakistan’s reaction to the changing land laws in Jammu & Kashmir, he replied, “No country has locus standi to comment on the internal affairs of India.”

Regarding India-US 2+2 Ministerial dialogues, he answered that the partnership evolves a satisfaction in every domain. There is an engagement on national security on multilateral formats by both the nations. The focus was on the Indo-pacific sector where both India and the USA consider peace, prosperity, and stability important.

Extension of co-operation of the two sides under the global center for nuclear energy partnership was made in the dialogue. Alternatives in the supply chain have also been sought which is disturbed due to the pandemic.

Over gross misrepresentation of India’s external territorial boundaries in new Saudi banknote, MEA expressed serious concerns about it and asked Saudi to take immediate corrective steps, calling J&K as India’s integral part.

Kartarpur Corridor opening decision is in line with COVID-19 protocol and India is in continuous touch with all related bodies. Talking about corona vaccine, he said that co-operation to other nations are expanded that include clinical trails and capacity building for its development, production and delivery.

By 29 October 2020, the Vande Bharat Mission has crossed 2 million marks and phase 7 has operated 1, 059 international flights from 24 countries, carrying over 1.95 lakhs people. 


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