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  • India at forefront of global solidarity & response to COVID.
  • India rushed 2 medical teams to Indian peacekeeping hospitals in Africa.
  • India assisted over 150 countries. PM Modi pledged vaccine production for humanity

T.S. Tirumurti speaking at a joint virtual meeting of the Economics and Social Council and the Peacebuilding Commission on the 75th anniversary of the UN says India has been at the forefront of global solidarity and response to the Covid pandemic. As the pandemic has raged across the world India has not let that scale down our engagement with the rest of the world in the sphere of peacebuilding and the more immediate covid response.

Earlier this year, responding to the call from the UN Secretary-General, India immediately deployed 2 medical teams to Indian peacekeeping hospitals in Africa. India’s deployment so is peacekeeping level three hospital facilities upgraded to a level three plus facility, he added.

Tirumurti stated that India has also contributed to the pipeline program with a specific focus on issues of conduct and discipline. The peacekeeping related program over a period of three years will help develop the passivity of future commanders and managers to lead by example and raise awareness of UN standards of conduct. Peacebuilding has an important role in conflict-sensitive response which helps to respond to the immediate requirements of our partners.

In this context, India has immediately repositioned a focus of the 150 million dollars India-UN development partnership fund to support Covid 19 development projects. The funds facilitated the emergency procurement of ventilators and Covid19 testing equipment enhancing hospital capacities and supporting small businesses. In addition, India has assisted over 150 countries while PM Modi pledged vaccine production for humanity. India has also operationalized the SAARC Covid19 emergency fund.


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