• The meeting was conducted after the successful launch of the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1.
  • The launch marked the first dedicated mission of ISRO’s commercial arm New Space India Ltd (NSIL).
  • India- Brazil’s joint venture in Space Technology to provide new opportunities for companies.

Today, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh mentioned India’s ascent to the ‘World Comity of Nations’ will take place via Space Technology. After the successful launch of the Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1, Singh conducted a virtual meeting today. Along with him, the Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Marcos Pontes was also present.

“The launch of Amazonia-1 marks the beginning of robust bonding and is a role model for other countries to follow,” they added. The launch also marked the first dedicated mission of ISRO’s commercial arm New Space India Ltd. (NSIL).

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Minister highlighted the initiative provided by PM Modi. He stated that the PM has provided special impetus in the last 5-6 years to all the scientific pursuits including Space Technology. “Whether it is railways or smart cities, agriculture or disaster management, highways or defense, Space technology is contributing in a big way,” he said.

Speaking of PM’s revolutionary decision to unlock India’s Space Technology to private players for the first time after independence, he added that it would make life easy. “There will be ease of living, ease of environment, and ease of humanity,” he said. Presently, India is in a position to provide inputs from Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan to the premier institutions of the world like the NASA of the USA.

Marcos Pontes spoke about  India- Brazil’s joint venture in Space Technology. He highlighted that it would offer new opportunities for companies and will help create new jobs. “Amazonia-1 is an optical earth observation satellite and is intended to provide remote sensing images to observe and monitor deforestation, to improve the real-time detection system of deforestation in Brazil, especially in the Amazonia region, and to monitor the diversified agriculture throughout the country,” he said. 

Reportedly, the satellite launched by India is said to result in multiple business, trade, and governmental opportunities. Brazil has also urged India’s support in the procurement of material and systems for its launch vehicle program. Both the nations have signed cooperative instruments for exploration and peaceful uses of outer space, since 2000. 


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