• The PM described the President’s speech as ‘inspiring’.
  • PM Modi claimed 75 crores Indians got relief and rations for 8 months.
  • When the PM brought the issue of the new three farm laws, the opposition MPs made a fuss. Opposition MPs of Congress walked out from the Lok Sabha.

Today, in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to the motion of thanks on the President’s address. Modi said that in a post-coronavirus world, India will appear as a self-reliant country and during the Covid pandemic, the country implements policy to stand with the world during this crisis. “The post-COVID world is turning out to be very different. In such times, remaining isolated from global trends will be counter-productive. We’ll have to emerge as a strong player. That is why, India is working towards building an Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” added Modi.

The PM said that the speech by the President revealed India’s ‘Sankalp Shakti’ and his words have enhanced the spirit of confidence among the people of India. Remembering Swami Vivekananda, PM Modi says he had stated that every nation has a message to convey to the world, a mission to achieve, a policy to implement. 

The PM claimed in LS, “Today we have stood as a ray of hope for the world. Some people used to say that India was a miracle democracy. We have broken this illusion too.” Today, vocals for locals are heard in every corner of India and the sense of self-respect is very useful for a self-reliant India, added Modi.

“You will be surprised that many couldn’t as their systems were jammed. In India however, it reached relief and rations to 75 crores Indians for 8 months. ₹2 lakh crores was dispersed to people via Jan Dhan, Aadhar and digital payments,” the PM added and then he questioned, “Let us also recall who it was who went to the Supreme Court against Aadhar?”

When the PM brought the issue of the new three farm laws, the opposition MPs roared towards the PM but Modi continued to talk and said, “This was part of a response to the crisis facing the agriculture sector. We made an honest effort to address the problems in the sector.”

After that opposition MPs of Congress walked out from the Lok Sabha, raising slogans to repeal the agri laws. PM Modi said that the new farm laws debates could have aimed towards the intent of the Centre in introducing them. “As far as protests are concerned, the farmers sitting at Delhi’s borders have the wrong impression.”


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