On Saturday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the 76th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York. During his address, Narendra Modi said that India is moving forward on the path of integrated equitable development using the principle of ‘antyodaya’ — (where no one is left behind).

Indian PM also stated that the priority is to make sure that development is all-inclusive, all-pervasive, universal, and one that nurtures all. Modi added that India is celebrating its 75th-year independence, and it is soon going to launch 75 satellites created by Indian schools, and colleges students into space.

Furthermore, PM Modi added that nations with regressive thinking, who are using terrorism as a political tool, need to realize that terrorism is an equally big threat for them as well. He added that it is crucial to ensure that Afghan soil should not be used to spread terrorism or launch terrorist activities.

PM Narendra Modi stated that it is also crucial to ensure that no nation tried to take advantage of the developments in Afghanistan and use it to fulfill their own selfish interest. PM Modi added that right now, Afghanistan nationals like women, children, and minorities are in need of help, so the international community must fulfill their duties by providing them with help.

The prime minister talked about the coronavirus pandemic and informed the UNGA members that India has developed the first DNA-based vaccine in the world, which can be administered to everyone aged 12 and above, and added that the Indian scientists are developing a nasal based Covid-19 vaccine. PM Modi invited all vaccine manufacturers in the world to create vaccines in India.

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