Today, the External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar informed Rajya Sabha that he had a detailed conversation with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken regarding the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. He mentioned that both the delegates have agreed that there cannot be a takeover of the ‘war-torn country’ by use of force.

Referring to the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, the EAM reiterated that there cannot be a military solution nor a takeover by use of force in Afghanistan. He rather insisted that they should work with the international community to ensure that political negotiations for a settlement are pursued seriously. “We will never accept an outcome which is decided by force,” he added.

Addressing the upper house, the Jaishankar said, “We (Indian leadership) highlighted that in our approach to global issues we’re guided by the quest for perfect union but we seek to right historical wrongs. When it comes to freedom, we shouldn’t treat it as non-governance or abdication of responsibilities. Our conversation on this should be balanced.”

During Blinken’s two-day visit to India, Jaishankar said he articulated India’s position at a presser that was jointly held with the US Secretary of State. Apart from the Afghanistan issue, the delegates also discussed a range of bilateral and regional issues including Afghanistan, Indo-Pacific, and COVID-19 cooperation.

Previously on Wednesday, EAM had underlined the importance of peace negotiations in Afghanistan. He also commented against the unilateral ‘imposition of will’ in the war-torn country while calling for preserving the gains made over the past two decades.

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