• India’s household will grow to three-four percent per year, marked Mukesh Ambani.
  • The richest man of India- Mukesh Ambani had a fireside chat with Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook head.
  • Ambani mentioned that India will get itself a position within the top three economic nations.

Mukhesh Ambani, the head of oil-to-retail-to-telecom company Reliance Industries Ltd. had a chat with the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He mentioned that 50% of India’s household is middle class and it will grow three to four percent every year.

On Tuesday during his discussion with Zuckerberg, Ambani stated that India will earn a third position in the list of top economies within two decades. Ambani furthermore stated that India will become a society that will be driven by youth- imbibed in technology.

He added, that the per capita income of India which is right not USD 1,800 will go up to 2,000 and it will reach USD 5,000 per capita. Ambani proudly said that companies like Facebook and other entrepreneurs have a golden opportunity to be in India since it is a growing economy and its transformation will accelerate in a few days.


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